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  • Brad, You re hands down the best attorney I have dealt with on any situation

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How We Helped a Client Avoid Felony Drug Charges

Our client, a construction supervisor, was arrested for DUI / OVI and Aggravated Possession of Drugs, a Felony of the fifth Degree. After a call from a local home improvement store about an impaired driver, our client was arrested. After negotiations, Licking County Municipal Court dismissed the DUI / OVI case. Our client was placed into ILC (Treatment in Lieu of Conviction) for a period of two years. After successful completion of ILC, the court will dismiss his felony case. (Attorney Tod Brininger represented this case.)

Reasons to Choose The Koffel Law Firm

We know how to pick our clients – We maintain a high success rate by only working with clients that we believe in. A variety of case factors point toward a favorable outcome, and our team is adept at identifying these factors. We focus on defendants who have very little prior contact with the criminal court and have a high possibility of obtaining a favorable case outcome.

We know when to turn a case down - We always treat our clients with dignity and expect the same treatment in return. Additionally, we believe that a successful attorney-client relationship starts with a clear understanding of the firm's practice limits. We do not accept the following types of cases: violent deadly weapon crimes, acts of violence / sex crimes against children, gang crimes, or habitual felony offenses.

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The DEA publishes information on the most commonly abused and misused drugs in America in its Drugs of Abuse, a valuable resource you can read for yourself here(PDF).