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  • Indicted Doctor Gets Misdemeanors & No Probation

    Local doctor was arrested with felony & misdemeanor charges, worked out fair disposition involving all misdeameanors & medical license has been preserved.

  • All Charges Dropped

    $2.7M Cocaine Trafficking Indictment Dismissed - Our client was an arrested after Ohio State Patrol discovered nearly $3M worth of cocaine hidden in the sleeper berth of his semi truck. The truck ...

  • Avoids Conviction

    Our client, a 22 year old college student, was charged with one count marijuana cultivation and possession of drug paraphernalia. Our client was accused of growing twelve marijuana plants with the ...

  • All charges dropped except for possession of marijuana F5

    DRUG TRAFFICKING & ENGAGING IN PATTERN OF CORRUPT ACTIVITY - all charges dropped except for possession of marijuana F5. Our client was indicted for marijuana trafficking and engaging in a pattern of ...


    17 YEAR OLD’S FELONY DRUG CHARGES DISMISSED - our client was charged with felony drug possession. It turned out he was deeply addicted to Xanax. Mr. Koffel referred the family to Dr. Andy Erkis (Erkis ...

  • 5 Year Prison Term Avoided

    Mr. Koffel’s client was arrested after a drug task force raided his home. 35,000 grams of marijuana carrying a mandatory minimum 5 years in prison was seized. Mr. Koffel negotiated an 18 month prison ...

  • Reduced Charge & Sentence

    Our client was arrested after a search warrant of his home was executed and detectives discovered 500 pounds of marijuana. Mr. Koffel's client had no prior arrest history of any kind. Over the span of ...

  • Drug Trafficking Case Dismissed

    Our client, 29, faced multiple high level felonies for drug trafficking and drug possession after police found 32 grams of cocaine and 50 Oxycodone pills in his home, as well as multiple weapons. ...

  • Charges Dismissed

    Client was accused of trafficking approximately $2.8M worth of cocaine. Client faced 11+ years in prison. Through many months of negotiating with prosecution, client was offered the chance to take a ...

  • Charge Dismissed

    Client was charged with trafficking a small amount of marijuana. As we learned more about our client, we learned she was addicted to opiates. We got her into a renowned rehab center and prolonged her ...

  • Drug Trafficking Case Dismissed

    Our client, 29, faced multiple high level felonies for drug trafficking and drug possession after police found 32 grams of cocaine and 50 Oxycodone pills in his home, as well as multiple weapons. ...

  • Avoided Conviction

    Felony Trafficking 93 pounds of marijuana. Client faced potential penalty of 2-8 years in prison. Through heavy negotiation with prosecution, client is serving 12 months in prison.

  • Charge Dismissed

    Our client, an 18 year old young man, was frisked by an undercover police officer who resulted in the officer finding a baggie of marijuana. Client was charged with Drug Abuse. Through pre-trial ...

  • Charge Reduced

    Our client, an 18 year old high school senior, indicted for brining felony level drugs (ecstasy) to his high school. Charges dropped to misdemeanor. Client receives a fine and probation.

  • Avoided Charges

    One client had his felony drug possession charge amended to a misdemeanor.

  • Charge Reduced

    Our client, a 52 year old business man, was indicted on prescription drug abuse in Franklin County, Ohio. Client was not eligible for Intervention in Lieu of Conviction ("ILC"). However, client was ...

  • Charge Reduced

    Our client, a 27 year old truck driver, was charged with Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI after being stopped for a red light violation. Our client holds a CDL and would lose his job with an Ohio OVI conviction. ...

  • Avoided Coviction

    Our client, a local college freshman, was being investigated for Drug Trafficking. Under Ohio law it is a felony to "give" a prescription drug to another. Prosecutor agreed that the totality of the ...

  • Client Given Non-Prison Sentence

    Attorney Brad Koffel represented an individual who was indicted on Felony 3 marijuana cultivation. This triggered a presumptive prison term of at least nine months. The State of Ohio requested nine ...

  • Avoided Mandatory Jail Time

    Drug Possession client had his case amended to disorderly conduct and received a small fine. He avoids the mandatory 6 month license suspension for drug convictions.

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How We Helped Two Clients Avoid Felony Drug Charges

Recently, we helped a business owner avoid a one-year prison term for "illegal conveyance of a controlled substance into a prison facility", a third-degree felony with up to five years in prison if convicted. In this particular case, the Ohio State Patrol had DNA and handwriting evidence tying our client to the crime. After Attorney Tod Brininger presented mitigation to the Court, the judge sentenced our client to two years of community control, and fines, and ordered him to serve only seven days in the local jail.

In another case, our client was arrested for DUI / OVI and Aggravated Possession of Drugs, a fifth-degree felony. After negotiations, Licking County Municipal Court dismissed the DUI / OVI case. Our client was placed into ILC (Treatment in Lieu of Conviction) for a period of two years. After the successful completion of ILC, the court will dismiss his felony case.

Classification of Controlled Substances in Ohio

The state of Ohio classifies drugs into different categories (schedules) according to their potential for dependence and accepted medical use, with Schedule I being the highest and Schedule V the lowest. Drugs that fall into the higher categories carry the heaviest fines and jail. We've broken down each classification so that you can better understand how your case may be treated in court.

  • Schedule I: Drugs that have the highest potential for abuse/dependence and no accepted medical use, including drugs like heroin, LSD, and marijuana. (Medical marijuana was only recently exempted from this class.)
  • Schedule II: Drugs that have a high potential for abuse/dependence and limited medical use, such as cocaine and some prescription pain medication.
  • Schedule III: Drugs with moderate potential for abuse/dependence and accepted medical use, such as ketamine.
  • Schedule IV: Drugs that have a moderate to low potential for abuse/dependence and accepted medical use, such as Xanax and Ambien.
  • Schedule V: Drugs with a low potential for abuse/dependence that are commonly used for medical purposes, such as cold medicine and other over-the-counter drugs.

Let Our Columbus Drug Crime Lawyer Fight for You Today

No matter what type of drug crime you've been accused of, it's important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable drug crime lawyer. An attorney specializing in drug offenses can help you understand the charges against you, as well as the potential consequences if convicted.

At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we can review your case and develop a tailored defense strategy that takes into account the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged offense. Our team will also be able to explain how the law applies to your situation and provide advice on possible outcomes or legal options available to you.

Additionally, our firm can negotiate with prosecutors for lesser sentences or reduced charges. In some cases, we may even be able to get evidence excluded from the court, which can result in a dismissal of charges or an acquittal.

Hiring our Columbus rug crime lawyer is essential for anyone facing criminal charges related to drugs. We can defend your rights and help you seek justice in the face of a difficult legal situation.

You don't have to face your drug charges alone. Our Columbus drug crime lawyers are here for you: (614) 675-4845.

The DEA publishes information on the most commonly abused and misused drugs in America in its Drugs of Abuse, a valuable resource you can read for yourself here(PDF).