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It is a serious criminal act under Ohio law to process drug documents when unauthorized to do so. Cases in which individuals are found to have written prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs with counterfeit or stolen prescription pads that are caught by law enforcement will be facing a felony of the fifth degree. The penalties for conviction include up to 12 months in jail as well as a $2,500 fine. If you have an earlier drug conviction on your criminal record it is likely that your time in jail or prison will be increased.

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At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, the criminal defense team has been defending all types of serious drug offenses for over 21 years. During this time, the firm has amassed strong resources and experience that is of great value to the client. When dealing with any criminal charge, it is of vital importance that your attorney has the courtroom experienced necessary to defend you, as well as negotiation skills to work with the prosecutor to fight to reduce the damage to your life. This can include court challenges when the evidence was seized without proper law enforcement procedure, or errors in the arrest procedure. When overzealous law enforcement makes errors, it can create a situation in which the accused had their rights violated, leading to the ability to fight to suppress the evidence. In other cases, a negotiation may be necessary in order to seek alternative sentencing, reduced charges or other option’

The legal team at KBN has years of strong criminal defense experience and takes on cases with determination and a dedication to the client. In cases of illegal processing of drug documents, it is critical that you act fast and contact the firm as soon after the arrest as feasible. This call should be made and legal counsel from KBN enlisted prior to questioning by law enforcement about the case.