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Marijuana trafficking is a serious drug crime that may be charged as a felony. If you are convicted, you may face a mandatory minimum term of incarceration in state prison as well as fines. Additionally, you may face limited employment and educational opportunities due to a conviction of this kind on your criminal record.

At the time of this writing, marijuana is not legalized for medical use in Ohio. Some other states, such as California, have passed bills legalizing medical marijuana. Though you may have marijuana in your possession to relieve pain or various symptoms associated with serious medical conditions such as AIDS, cancer or glaucoma, you may still find that you are facing criminal charges. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, the most serious classification. This means that the penalties for trafficking, cultivation or simple possession will be greater than for drugs of lower classifications.

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5 Year Prison Term Avoided in Marijuana Trafficking Case

You can trust Attorney Brad Koffel with your case because he has experience in successfully handling marijuana trafficking charges. Recently, one of Mr. Koffel’s clients was facing marijuana trafficking charges after a drug task force raided his home. The task force confiscated 35,000 grams of marijuana, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. Mr. Koffel was able to negotiate a reduced sentence of 18 months, making the defendant eligible for early release after serving just 30 days of his sentence (Ohio v. D.B. – Gallia County).

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Challenging Marijuana Trafficking Charges in Columbus

In these situations or in the face of any circumstances related to marijuana trafficking charges, you can count on a criminal lawyer at our Columbus law firm to provide you with hard-hitting defense representation and personalized client service as we fight to protect your legal rights and keep you informed throughout the entire legal process.