Treatment: The Role of the Defense Lawyer


For our clients struggling with the disease of addiction, we will intervene and introduce them to the best of the best treatment providers in the world. Depending upon a client's budget, we can find care locally, regionally, or nationally. Our office is unique in that we can provide an entry level assessment and provide care recommendations for residential or nonresidential addiction treatment, referrals to specialized physicians, mental health practitioners, or other professionals.

Addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol range from residential and outpatient detoxification, residential and outpatient addiction treatment and mental health services for co-occurring conditions (depression or anxiety for example), as well as specialized treatment programs for doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and lawyers.

Our firm remains actively involved in the recovery management process. We establish lines of communication with the primary professionals working with our clients so we can determine how to strategically use the treatment in our client's defense.

Addiction is a devastating disease but there is a solution, medically and legally. Also, we can direct families of teens that have a growing concern of their child's alcohol or drug use especially if their son or daughter has been arrested.

We will bridge the gap between the client's recovery and the courthouse in an effort to fashion a fair, smart, and balanced settlement with the State of Ohio. But, it all starts with the client being honest about his or her own use, abuse, or addiction.