About Probation Violations

Columbus Probation Violation Defense Attorney

Probation violations when not properly handled can make your life a nightmare. When the court has determined that you have violated the terms of your probation, whether on a DUI conviction or any other criminal offense for which part of your penalty includes a period of probation, the judge can decide that you will spend the remainder of the sentence incarcerated, or in some cases for longer than the original sentence you avoided by being allowed probation.

Any such case requires immediate action from a Columbus probation violation defense attorney.

Charged with a Probation Violation in Columbus?

When you have been ordered to drug or alcohol counseling as part of the terms of your probation and fail to complete the mandated education program, this can result in a probation violation charge. If you fail to pay your fine on time, you may also face this charge. Ohio courts do not look kindly on those who do not comply with the terms of their probation, and certain judges are extremely harsh on those that are convicted of this offense. With fast action on the part of an attorney from Koffel Brininger Nesbittit is possible that you could avoid jail time for the violation. If you have already been arrested, you will be facing a probation violation hearing. You need to ensure that you are represented by an attorney at the hearing who can help you to resolve the issue or fight to reduce the damage to your life and future.

In some cases, the probation violation is related to being arrested for another offense while on probation, no matter how insignificant the charge is. It may be necessary to defend the new charge aggressively and seek out possibilities to get the new charges dismissed, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the case. As each case is unique, it requires a full review and evaluation of the entire situation in order to advise you how to proceed in fighting for your freedom. Your case will be made a priority and the firm understands fully the danger you are facing in a probation violation and will work fast.

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