How it Works

Our goal is to help individuals who may be struggling with drug abuse by providing drug court principles and applying them in the homes of these families. We work directly with the affected families at an affordable level in order to increase the chance of breaking the cycle of addiction and abuse. In turn, this helps to reduce the chances of arrest. We don’t wait for these individuals to get arrested; rather, we take a proactive approach to provide them real help.

Koffel Brininger Nesbitt has personally been affected by the results of an addiction. We are committed to our goal of helping those struggling with addiction seek the rehabilitation they need through innovative and effective services. The Preventative Law practice will be headed by Scott VanDerKarr, a retired Franklin County Municipal Court Judge who is resigning after 20 years on the bench.

About Scott VanDerKarr

Mr. VanDerKarr is a retired judge who helped to revolutionize the way courts handled drug crime cases by giving drug offenders a second chance through a special docket containing roughly 200 addicts. In his drug court, VanDerKarr would have defendants come into the court on a weekly basis where they can speak with him, agencies, and treatment providers. If the defendant were to fail a drug test, they would be sent back to jail. He maintained a roughly 70% graduate rate.

Our firm is proud to add Scott VanDerKerr to our team. We truly believe that together we can make a huge impact on the tragedy of drug overdose and criminal offenses. We want to bring you and your family the hope you need.

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