Mayor's Courts We Practice In

In Ohio, municipalities have the authority to set up their own state courts called “mayor’s courts.” These courts typically handle DUI/OVI cases, misdemeanors, and city ordinance violations. There are a total of 260 mayor’s courts in the state of Ohio.

While not all jurisdictions have set up mayor’s courts, some counties contain multiple. Our law firm is located in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio which enables us to handle cases in all mayor's courts throughout Franklin County.

How Mayor’s Courts Are Different from Other Courts

The mayor’s courts of Ohio differ in two main ways from other state courts:

  1. They do not have juries
  2. They are not courts of record (not supervised by the Ohio Supreme Court)

For these reasons, some defendants request that the jurisdiction of their case be moved to County / Municipal Court where they can get a trial by jury or have their case handled in a court of record.

In some jurisdictions, the Mayor presides over all cases handled in the mayor’s court, while other counties have designated a Magistrate. Whether the cases are heard by a Mayor or Magistrate depends on the preference of the jurisdiction.

Franklin County Mayor's Courts

Koffel Brininger Nesbitt frequently handles cases for clients in the following mayor's courts of Franklin County, Ohio –

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