Benefits of Sealing Your Record

Expungement has many benefits for qualifying individuals. Sealing a criminal record effectively prevents people from accessing records of your conviction, with very few exceptions. If you qualify for expungement, and you successfully complete your sentence/probation, your conviction will be removed and sealed from public access. This has many benefits, such as:

Employment Benefits

Many people with a criminal record are intimidated when it comes to finding employment because most employers require you to list any convictions in your background. If you successfully expunge a conviction, you are not required by law to disclose the expunged conviction when applying for employment.

Citizenship Benefits

If you are not yet a United States citizen but are interested in going through the naturalization process, it may be difficult if you have a criminal conviction(s) on your record. For limited purposes, law enforcement and federal agencies can access your criminal records even after expungement, but they should not be counted against you. Expungement can be beneficial when it comes to gaining U.S. citizenship.

Licensing Benefits

Driver's licenses and other professional licenses may be difficult to obtain for those with a criminal history. For example, the Department of Motor Vehicles may require you to list criminal convictions when applying for or renewing your driver's license. However, if you qualify for and have obtained expungement, you may indicate that you were convicted but that particular offense was expunged.

Dwelling / Housing Benefits

If you are looking to buy a house, rent an apartment, or qualify for government housing, you may have to indicate whether you have criminal convictions on your record. In some strict communities or private communities, you may be denied housing for having one or more convictions. Expungement can release you from the obligation to disclose these convictions when applying for housing.

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