Operation Ohio Knows: Over 160 Arrested in State's Largest Human Trafficking Sting


More than 160 people were arrested during a statewide anti-human trafficking sting last week, according to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost,

Yost and law enforcement officials from Franklin, Montgomery, Portage, and Summit Counties announced the results of their week-long sting during a press conference on Monday.

In total, authorities arrested 161 men for solicitation and arrested 50 other people who offered to sell sex but were offered services as potential victims of human trafficking. Among those arrested in the sting were a Cleveland-area city councilmember, a Columbus firefighter, home improvement contractor, teacher, and airline pilot, Yost said.

According to Yost, the “Ohio Knows” operation was the first sting of its kind in Ohio to specifically target the demand side. It comes after recently passed legislations increased penalties for buying sex. Over 90 agencies participated in the operation.

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