Sitting Down With Special Guest Maurice Clarett


Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel devotes the entire January 12, 2020 episode of For the Defense to Special Guest and former Ohio State Buckeyes Running Back Maurice Clarett. Hailed as a once-in-a-lifetime athlete, and one of the most exciting high school and college football players of all time, Clarett rushed for over 1,230 yards with 18 touchdowns as a Freshman, helping the Buckeyes solidify a 14-0 record and 2002 BCS National Championship.

Despite his on-field talent, Clarett became known for his off-field troubles, which began as a young man and came to a head when he was dismissed from OSU in his Sophomore year after being accused of accepting illegal benefits, as well as his high-profile legal battle challenging the NFL over draft eligibility rules that players be 3 years removed from high school.

During the show, Clarett speaks candidly with Attorneys Brad Koffel and Eric Wlilison about his personal legal troubles, including a string of arrests and 4 years in prison, his life after imprisonment and work as a motivational speaker for athletic programs around the country, and how “street life” and crime can compromise the futures of talented yet impressionable youth.