For the Defense: Mental Health, Addiction, and Criminal Behavior


In the latest installment of For the Defense, Attorney Brad Koffel chats with psychologist, Dr. David Lowenstein, about stress, sleep, DUI cases, and sex crimes. Since the 1990s, Attorney Koffel has handled thousands of DUI cases in central Ohio. On the show, he discusses how prescription pills influenced these charges and how addiction continues to be a factor in DUI cases today.

Koffel and Lowenstein also explore the amount of stress our society is under as a result of being over-connected by technology, over-thinking, and receiving too much information. Lowenstein talks about the complicated issues he is seeing in his office and asks us to consider: “When is good enough, good enough?”

Finally, Lowenstein shares what he discovers when Koffel sends clients for psych evaluations, and how someone’s poor mental health can land them in potentially criminal situations.