For the Defense: Cinco de Mayo, Religion in Schools & Prison Time


For the Defense with Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer Brad Koffel begins with a recap of the Blue Jackets’ inexplicable string of losses, possible Russian meddling, and Game 6 set for Monday night. With Sunday being May 5th, Attorney Koffel and Attorney Eric Willison bring ‘This Day in History’ out early to break down important happenings in history and the origins of Cinco de Mayo – which, contrary to popular misbelief, isn’t an Independence Day equivalent of Fourth of July.

Also in the show are discussions about the Scopes Trial, which concerned Tennessee law prohibiting the instruction of evolution in state-funded schools, a legal look at religion in public schools, an 80-year-old Marietta woman sentenced to over 2 years for embezzlement from a Church, the role of incarceration in criminal law, and other legal matters.