Troy Smith OVI Charges Dropped in Plea Deal


2006 Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL quarterback Troy Smith, represented by attorney Brad Koffel, agreed to a plea deal earlier this week after he was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI).

According to officers from the Westerville Police Department, Smith was pulled over on April 3, 2016 after he was seen weaving his car across multiple lanes. He denied drinking any alcohol that night, but the officers noted that he was slurring his speech and that he had glassy eyes. He was then asked to submit to a field sobriety test where he failed to put his feet heel to toe, lost his balance three times while walking, and was only able to recite seven letters of the alphabet.

Smith was driven to the police station where he blew a .143 during a breathalyzer test, but not before cops searched his car and found two “rolled cigars containing marijuana" in a glass jar. Smith was booked for marijuana possession, OVI, and for failing to display his front license plate.

Smith pled guilty to willful or wanton disregard as part of his plea deal. In return, all other charges were dropped and he was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 1 year of probation, and had his driver’s license suspended for 6 months. 177 days of his sentence were suspended, and Smith will complete a three day driver intervention program instead of serving the remaining jail time.

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