4 Ways to Get an OVI Dismissed


A DUI/OVI charge is very serious. Individuals accused of the crime can potentially face a long jail sentence, have their license suspended, and may have to pay extensive fines. Outside of criminal consequences, the charge will appear on a person’s permanent record, available for future employers and schools to view. If you were charged with an OVI, you may be able to have it dismissed with the proper representation.

1. No Reason for Traffic Stop

A police officer must have a reasonable cause for pulling an individual over. The driver must display certain characteristics that make authorities suspicious about the driver’s level of intoxication. If a car is swerving, not obeying traffic signs, or generally displaying unusual behavior, an officer has grounds to stop a person. However, without a probable cause, it is illegal to stop a driver.

2. Faulty Tests

To determine a driver’s level of intoxication, a police officer will usually administer certain tests. These include breathalyzer, blood, and field tests. While effective, these tests are not fail-proof. The breathalyzer machine might not work properly or other factors can cause a driver to fail a field test. An experienced attorney can potentially have a charge dismissed by proving the tests were faulty.

3. Entrapment

Entrapment refers to police officers creating a situation where a person commits a crime they normally would not have nor did they have any intentions to. If an officer entraps their suspect, the DUI charge may potentially be dropped.

4. Not Actually Drunk

Officers look for distinct characteristics for drunk driving including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and staggered walking. However, alcohol is not always the cause for these symptoms. If a person is sick or tired, they may display the same signs.

An OVI charge can affect all aspects of your life. If you were charged with driving under the influence, contact our Columbus OVI lawyers today. We can help review your case and potentially get your charges dropped or reduced.

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