Using Polygraph Tests When Screen Clients


Attorney Brad Koffel Columbus, OhioWhile there are a number of lawyers out there who will do whatever it takes to retain any client and keep business flowing, there are certain attorneys who would rather make sure they are representing the right client. This means making sure the case is legitimate and the client is honest.

At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, our Columbus criminal defense lawyers have a distinct process when taking on client cases, including the use of polygraph tests during screening. This allows us to tell whether a client is being dishonest with us. This process is especially important during cases involving serious charges such as sex crimes.

We have an agreement that we will not take any cases involving sexual conduct unless we find a reasonable probability that the client is in fact innocent. This is why we take the initial steps of testing our clients and any individual who is lying about his or her potential case is shown out of our firm and we never see them again. There are times we may present polygraph test results to prosecutors, police, or judges (if allowed) to help clients have their charges reduced or dismissed.

This benefits clients knowing that their attorney trusts them; and it helps our staff know they can have a comfortable relationship with the client. It also allows us to weed out any clients who may just be hoping our firm can get them a good deal despite them knowing they are guilty. It is our goal to have the utmost confidence in every case we have because we pour a lot of work and effort into the cases we handle.

At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we are dedicated to our clients. We want to know that our clients are dedicated to us, too. Knowing they are committed to being honest and straightforward goes a long way in producing a strong attorney—client relationship. We take the representation of our clients’ rights very seriously. Learn more about our methods or contact us if you need representation today.