Attorney Brad Koffel Represents Gwinnett Braves Player Accused of Rape


A Gwinnet Braves baseball player who has been accused of raping and kidnapping two female fans after a game in Columbus retained Attorney Brad Koffel for his defense.

Police say that the Gwinnett Braves shortstop targeted two female fans during a game in Columbus, and afterward kidnapped and raped them. Attorney Brad Koffel, who is representing the player, has a different opinion.

"What police failed to mention is that the victims were present during the game, called to Mr. Reyes, waited for him after the game. They went out and had drinks afterwards. They voluntarily went up to his hotel room," said Koffel.

The Gwinnet Braves, a minor league baseball team, were playing the Columbus Clippers at Columbus’ Huntington Park field. The two alleged victims say they went bar hopping with the defendant after this game, after which point he booked them a room at his team’s hotel. According to police and the two women, the defendant remained in the room until the women were asleep, at which point he forced himself on them.

The defendant, originally from Nicaragua, is currently on a work visa. Attorney Brad Koffel said that he is holding onto his client’s passport to ensure he doesn’t flee the country.

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