DUI Case Could Change Ohio Law


Glass of alcohol with car keys and judges gavelWhat was supposed to be a simple DUI charge in Parma turned into a big deal that exposed an issue in the way the cases are handled in Ohio.

Last year, Jerry Owca was pulled over for his 10th DUI. Not only that, he was also involved in a 1984 crash that resulted in the death of three individuals. Upon his release after a one-year sentence in county jail, he received his new driver’s license despite having a lifetime ban on driving.

Now, a new bill has been passed by the Ohio House unanimously and is moving to the Seate after the holiday. This bill is supposed to address the driver’s license suspension terms issued during sentencing because a one-year driver’s license suspension begins immediately. This means that if someone spends a year or longer in prison, they would be able to receive their driver’s license upon release. Another issue is lifetime bans that are not really lifetime.

Should the bill be passed, it could change Ohio law. It already has widespread support from a number of officials.

At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we like to remain up to date regarding all DUI laws in the state. Because of this, we are following this bill closely to help determine how we approach these cases.

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