Reactions to Brad Koffel's "Purpose Driven Law Practice" CLE


Last Friday, Brad Koffel held a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) on holistic representation for clients called Purpose Driven Law Practice.The seminar covered topics ranging from alcohol and drugs to social media and spirituality. "It's time for lawyers to look at their life and their practice in a new way," said Koffel.

In the first hour of the seminar, Koffel discussed methods for counseling clients today, and how that looks much different than it has in any other age. In the second hour, Koffel brought in Stephen Ladd, who he described as an "ultra-marathoner, Buddhist monk, holistic trainer, Miami University summa cum laude, and master of intimidation." The third speaker was Adam Ritz, radio personality and motivational speaker.

"I have been a lawyer since 1978. Needless to say I have attended a lot of CLE seminars," said one lawyer in attendance. "Your seminar was the best CLE event I have ever attended. The subject matter was very interesting and all three speakers were very compelling."

Another attendee said it was the "Best CLE in my 30 years."

The title of the seminar is indicative of how Koffel runs his law practice – with purpose. Koffel Brininger Nesbitt exists not to practice law for its own sake, but to transform lives through the practice of law.