Ohio Sees Decline in Number of Cases That Go To Trial


For five consecutive years, trial rates have been dropping according to recent statistics released by the Ohio Supreme Court. The number of new case filings continues to drop, with only 2.6 million cases filed in 2013 alone.

How many cases are going to trial in Ohio?

  • Court of common pleas – 2% trial rate
  • Municipal and county courts – 1.85% trial rate
  • Courts of appeals – declined by 4 percent since 2012
  • Ohio Supreme Court – declined by 7 percent since 2012

The only type of case that saw an increase in trial rates was traffic cases. The key finding, per the Supreme Court of Ohio, was "how to better allocate our resources given the current case volume."

To read the statistical study in full, view the 2013 Ohio Courts Statistical Summary.