Franklin County Police Implement Eyeglass Cameras


Franklin County law enforcement has begun using eyeglass-mounted video cameras to film police calls and stops. While some believe the video glasses produce valuable evidence to be used in criminal cases, some are wary of constantly being monitored.

About two years ago, dash cams (cameras mounted on the dash of police cars) started failing, so some law enforcement agencies began utilizing these body cameras.

These cameras can reveal what actually happens during encounters with police. If there are Fourth Amendment violations, these cameras will catch it. If there is police brutality, there will be undeniable video evidence of it. These eyeglass cameras can keep police accountable.

Conversely, some worry that the eyeglass cameras are just one more way for "big brother" to watch your every move. According to Jason Pappas, a Franklin County PD representative, "There's really no part of your day that's not being recorded already." Pappas went on to explain that with street light cameras, smart phone users, and store security cameras, there is little need for these additional cameras. Some suggest that these cameras even violate privacy rights.

It is the view of Koffel Brininger Nesbitt that these camera glasses keep officers accountable and help resolve cases more quickly. In fact, we advocate for as much audio and video evidence as possible. Audio and video evidence can eliminate wild goose chases by allowing our team to spot the issues immediately and begin building our cases faster.