Koffel Gets Client's Sexual Registration Conviction Reversed


Attorney Brad Koffel, together with Cleveland lawyer Russell Bensing, achieved a reversal of his client's sex offender registration on appeal (State v. Moore, 2014 Ohio 1123 - Ohio: Court of Appeals, 2nd Appellate Dist. 2014).

A trial court accepted our client's "no contest" plea and sentenced him to mandatory Tier II sex offender registration. Koffel appealed on the grounds that "the trial court erred in classifying him without a hearing, and without factual findings by a jury beyond those admitted by him."

The Ohio appeals court found that our client's plea was "other than knowing and intelligent" and therefore did not fulfill the "findings necessary for a Tier II classification" requirement. As a result, the appeals court reversed the judgment. View a copy of State v. Moore.