Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel Represents Newark, Ohio Teacher Indicted on Student Sexual Abuse Charges


A teacher from Newark, Ohio was recently indicted on 13 counts for allegedly having sexual relationships with students. The suspect – 32-year-old Anthony Miller – was a teacher at Carson Elementary School and an assistant band director at Newark High School. After local authorities and investigators discovered that Miller had allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a Newark High School student, he was taken into custody on February 25th. Miller has retained our firm's very own Attorney Brad Koffel to defend him against the allegations

Law enforcement officials have stated that they became aware of the alleged relationship between Miller and the student just a week before the arrest. After the arrest was reported and authorities encouraged others to step forward with information, several other possible victims reported similar allegations of inappropriate acts committed by Miller.

In addition to the reported sexual relationship, Miller is also being investigated for sexual acts with students that authorities believe took place on school grounds at Newark High. Miller has also been accused of sending inappropriate images to underage girls. The13 charges Miller faces include 9 felonies, sexual battery, and child endangerment, among others. If convicted of all nine felony charges, Miller faces as much as 36 ½ years in prison. The additional four misdemeanors could net him an additional year of jail time. prosecutor's have stated that there is a possibility Miller could face additional charges. You can read more about this story here.

Sex crime allegations are among the most serious criminal charges one can face. In addition to subjecting convicted individuals to stiff penalties and long-term limitations, sex crime cases are also delicate matters in a society that has strong opinions regarding offenders. Just as he does in every case he handles, Attorney Koffel will work to protect his client's rights and reputation at all stages of the criminal process.

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