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Franklin County Conviction Reversed for Judge's Errors


Franklin Black entered a guilty plea to 7 of 10 charges within the indictment. The judge gave him 33 years. That sentence was reversed on August 21, 2012 due to the following deficiencies:

a. The written guilty plea form did not inform him of the maximum sentence he could face

b. The trial judge never advised him of the maximum sentence he could impose

c. The written guilty plea form did not address consecutive sentencing and maximum incarceration

d. The maximum of each individual felony was entered on the form with no mention of the possibility of consecutive sentences.

e. The transcript did not reflect that defense counsel told the court he went over the entry with the defendant.

f. Mr. Black never states the he reviewed the law or facts with his counsel or that counsel reviewed the guilty plea form with him.

For these reasons, Mr. Black's guilty plea was vacated and the case was remanded back to the trial court for further proceedings.