What Is This Lawyer Thinking?


After being released from jail on bon six weeks ago, George Zimmerman is being sent back to jail. Zimmerman, who faces second degree murder charges for the killing of Treyvon Martin, had previously lied about how much money he had access to at the time of his arraignment. In his PayPal account, Zimmerman had approximately $135,000 at his disposal. However, with the alleged help of his wife, Zimmerman convinced the court judge, Kenneth R. Lester Jr, that he had access to much more modest funds. As a result he was issued a lower bail, and after paying the bail, was released from prison.

Now that it has been proved that he was dishonest to the judge, Zimmerman has lost much of his credibility. His attorney, Mark M. O'Mara, stated, "The fact George Zimmerman was dishonest is very important because his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case" (NYT, Jun. 4).

The case essentially comes down to Zimmerman's believability because the witnesses testifying only heard an argument and a gun shot. Zimmerman's credibility therefore is imperative to his argument that the shooting was in self defense. For now, George Zimmerman is returning to jail and will be kept in solitary confinement for his protection.

The bigger story here, at least for me, is what in the world is Zimmernan's lawyer thinking? First of all, your client's case is in the media. You need to stay out of it. Second, you actually admitted that your client was dishonest? Then you top it off with the ultimate assination of your own client by essentially admitting his credibility is shot.

Hey Mark, your client's life is in your hands. He actually had a decent case before you opened your mouth. By the way, this isn't the first time Zimmerman has been screwed by his lawyers. His former lawyers withdrew, in the media, by tossing him under the bus.

As my colleague in Cleveland, Russ Bensing, recently commented, cameras not only need to be banned from the courtroom but there should be a gag order for all parties and their lawyers.