"I Can't Have a DUI" or "I Don't Want a DUI"


In our firm, there are 2 types of DUI clients. The "I Can't Have a DUI on My Record" and the "I Don't Want a DUI on My Record". Which are you and why do we ask this question?

Here's a fact. Most people charged with DUI / OVI are actually guilty. Ohio law prohibits being "under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuse". And, "under the influence" means "the effects are noticeable or perceptible". That is a very low standard. Especially when many jurors believe the mere act of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel is a crime. Or the wrongly believe that bloodshot eyes or a strong odor of alcohol are "effects" of alcohol. The crime is that the alcohol must adversely and impair the central nervous system, muscles or brain.

Back to the question posed at the top. You need to decide which one you are so that your lawyer can gauge the time and effort to put into it (also known as legal fee and expert expenses). We can represent someone on a budget or we can defend someone without regard to a budget. Expert fees, investigator time, and increased attorney time can go a long way to keeping a DUI off a person's record. But, spending a premium dollar on a DUI / OVI case isn't right for everyone.

Before you decide who to hire and how much you are willing to spend, ask yourself the question I posed above.