Heroin Distribution in Columbus, OH

Over the past 5 years, Columbus has seen a dramatic increase in heroin distribution.  The DEA reported in 2007 that Columbus was becoming one of the largest distribution points for brown and black tar heroin.  Also, Mexican drug gangs have replaced African-American gangs as the primary retail provider of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. 

Our law firm primarily represents suburban "first offenders felonies".  In other words, our typical client is one who has led a law abiding life and for one reason or another has been charged with a felony.  And, our clients tend to be better candidates for diversion, treatment in lieu of conviction, and probation.  We are not representing defendants at the organizational level or even lower street crime level.  We tend to be a lagging indicator in what is happening in the organized drug world but we are a leading indicator of what is happening in the suburbs. 

Since 2009, we have seen a spike in heroin related arrests among white suburban young males.  These clients tend to come from caring families who have done their best to rear their children in a loving and supportive family system.  What we are now learning is that these young heroin clients have jumped from drug to drug (including prescription pain pills) and landed on heroin as our city has become awash in this cheap and highly addictive drug.  The cravings for heroin lead these otherwise law abiding young men to commit thefts from vehicles, burglarizing homes, and even robbing businesses and store clerks. 

We typically receive the first call from a scared and confused parent after their son (or daughter) gets arrested for stealing, breaking and entering, or possession.  We will attend the bond hearing but we will not suggest that the family post bond until after a treatment provider is located, insurance is pre-approved, and a spot is reserved for our client.  Since heroin addiction includes lying and manipulation, these young offenders will attempt to charm and deceive their parents yet again in an effort to get out of jail and not go to treatment.  It is imperative that parents stay strong and remain focused on treatment.  Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet that continued use only leads to overdosing, death, or prison.