Judges & Prosecutors of Franklin County Municipal Court


Effective January 15, 2007, the following judges, courtrooms, and prosecutor's will be in place. The prosecutor rotation is scheduled for January 15th. Also, recently departed Judge Froelich's seat will be filled. His courtroom will move from 12C to 15D. Judge Salerno's courtroom will move to 12C. Also, we wish Judge Salerno a full recovery from her medical leave. Judge Teresa Liston will be filling in for Judge Salerno.

The following is the list of Judges, courtrooms, and prosecutor assigned to each.

Judge H. William Pollitt - 12A (Prisley, Trainee 1)

Judge Anne Taylor - 12B (Allbritain)

Judge Amy Salerno (Liston) - 12C (Johnson)

Judge Scott VanDerKarr - 12D (Livingston & Scranton)

Judge Carrie Glaeden - 13A (Seckeron, Trainee 2)

Judge Paul Herbert - 13B (Thornsberry)

Judge Janet Grubb - 13C (Kielczewski)

Judge Michael Brandt - 13D (Steinberg)

Judge Julia Dorrian - 14A (Overking)

Judge Ted Barrows - 14B (Cox, Trainee 3)

Judge James E. Green - 15D (was 14C until 01/22/07) (Dunbar & Shroy)

Judge Andrea C. Peeples - 14D (Ahroni)

Judge W. Dwayne Maynard - 15A (Wilcox)

Judge Harland Hale - 14C (Spurlock & Dunbar)

Judge Froelich's Replacement - 15D (Robert Tobias, Trainee 4)

Also, Prosecutor Melanie Tobias will be handling the appeals. Prosecutor Rob Levering will remain in courtroom 4C supervising arraignments.