About Your Bond Hearing in Columbus

Assistance from Our Columbus Bond Hearing Lawyer

When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, there is often a bond hearing in which the bail amount is set by the judge. The bail amount is of serious concern, as if it is too high, you will not be able to get out of jail while awaiting your trial.

It is crucial that you contact a Columbus bond hearing attorney to assist you at this hearing and fight for a reasonable bail, or being released on your own recognizance with no bail amount at all. The procedure involved in this requires skill and a proper presentation to the court, and at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, you can be assured that the attorney is very experienced and skilled in presentations to the court regarding bail amounts at bond hearings in Columbus or other area of Ohio.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Many individuals who have been arrested for a criminal offense, even a DUI, do not realize the importance of the bond hearing until it is too late. In fact, it may be possible to revisit the bail amount afterwards and fight to get it lowered. Each case is unique and must be reviewed to advise you what to expect and what the attorney from KBN recommends in your case.

The firm can not only handle the bond hearing, but will represent you in the case at hand if you are facing criminal charges. It is important to have a high quality and experience lawyer fighting for you in any bail hearing or criminal case in order to increase the likelihood of a better outcome.

How to Get the Help You Need

Never attempt a bond hearing without legal representation. An attorney from KBN is aware of the legal factors involved and can prepare for the hearing to present evidence on your behalf in order to reduce the bail amount or eliminate it altogether. Some charges will certainly include a bail amount if you hope to be released from jail prior to trial.

The more serious the criminal charges, the more likely the judge in the case will order a very high bail amount. However, every case can be carefully reviewed to take action to fight for the client and the bail amount.

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