About Workers' Comp Fraud in Columbus

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Ohio state lawmakers have enacted serious penalties for those who are convicted of defrauding workers' comp. The charge is extremely dangerous, and when the amount is higher than $5,000, it will be charged as a felony offense. The types of fraud committed could be related to an employer who falsifies documents, or by the person making the claim. When convicted of this crime, you will face the penalties which include up to 12 months in jail. If the amount is higher than $5,000, the penalties, including prison time, increase. Not only will you face incarceration, you will be required to pay back the government the costs of trying your case if you lose. It is critical that you get immediate legal help from a Columbus defense lawyer at once if you are facing such a charge.

Some cases of Worker's Comp fraud are related to falsifying documents to make it appear that there is coverage when it doesn't exist. These are serious matters, as Ohio law requires many companies to carry Workers' Comp insurance, and you are in violation of the law if you fail to provide it to your workers. Any Worker's Comp fraud case is a serious matter, and the legal team at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt is familiar with defending such cases, and would like to analyze the case and advise you how to proceed with a defense.

Moving quickly is of utmost importance in these cases, as the Ohio court system moves forward quickly. There are often strong possibilities to defend the case, but the criminal defense attorney from the firm must immediately move forward in such cases. A thorough review of the situation and fast legal action can lead to the possibility of a better outcome in your case.

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