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Experienced Defense Against Credit Card Fraud in Ohio

Credit card fraud cases are taken very seriously by law enforcement. Identity theft and other "white collar crimes" have been on the increase in recent years, and law enforcement has special crime units set up for the purpose of finding and arresting those who violate the law regarding credit cards. This includes offenses in which a person unlawfully uses another person's credit card for any purchase, and other more serious cases, such as identity theft cases in which credit cards are involved.

These cases require a Columbus credit card fraud defense attorney to immediately begin work on the defense.

What is Credit Card Fraud?

At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, the legal team has defended people charged with the offense of "Misuse of Credit Cards" under Ohio Revised Code section 2913.21. This Ohio statute criminalizes individuals who "procure the issuance of a credit card by deception which is relied upon by another" or "knowingly buy or sell a credit card from or to another person other than the issuer". (O.R.C. 2913.21(A)).

Also, Ohio law enforcement and prosecutors will aggressively investigate and prosecute individuals who, "with a purpose to defraud, obtain control a credit card to secure a debt" or "obtain property or services by use of a credit card, in one or more transactions, knowing or having reasonable cause to believe the card was expired, revoked, or was obtained, retained, or being used illegally" or "furnish property or services on the presentation of a credit card, knowing the card is being used illegally" or "representing or causing it to be represented to the issuer of a credit card that property or services were furnished, knowing the representation to be false". (O.R.C. 2913.21(B)).

Finally, it is also a credit card crime in Ohio to "receive, possess, control, or dispose of a credit card" with the purpose of violating Ohio Revised Code section 2913.21.

What Are the Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in Ohio?

Depending upon the cumulative retail value of property and services involved over a period of ninety (90) days dictates what level of misdemeanor or felony the person will be charged within Ohio.

The firm is also very strong in fighting for the rights of clients if they have been subjected to illegal search and seizure in the gathering of evidence against them. If it is determined that law enforcement violated the law in the arrest procedure or any other part of the process, court challenges can be filed to suppress the evidence against you.

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Every case has unique evidence and circumstances and must be fully reviewed and evaluated in order to advise the client on what defense strategy will be employed. There are often strong options for the defense, and it is strongly advised that you contact KBN at once if you have been arrested and charged with credit card fraud so that the defense can quickly move forward on your behalf.

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