Columbus Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Protect Your Son or Daughter from Criminal Charges

Young people can make errors in judgment – it's part of growing up. Many young people avoid run-ins with the law, and others aren't so lucky. Many young people grow out of the impulse to experiment with drugs or other illegal activities. Others simply never struggle with it.

For juveniles who do get involved with illicit drugs, underage drinking, and other illegal activities, it can be difficult to break the cycle. At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we are here to help your son or daughter get the treatment they need to stay out of the criminal justice system.

Breaking the Cycle

In Ohio, the juvenile justice system operates by way of rehabilitation rather than punishment. The offenders in these cases are still young and impressionable, which is why the juvenile court does not jump to severe punishments like jail and fines. By helping the offender combat their addiction or whatever vice they struggle with early, the juvenile justice system hopes to avoid recidivism.

Charging Juvenile as Adults

In some cases, the court may petition to have the juvenile's case handled in adult criminal court. This usually happens in cases either where the defendant has almost reached the age of adulthood and when the crime is particularly severe. When we believe it would be beneficial, we can petition to have your son or daughter's case kept in juvenile court if there is a risk of adult court.

Contacting Koffel Brininger Nesbitt

Contact KBN today to discuss your juvenile crime case. We understand, as parents ourselves, how important your children are to you.

If you are a parent and are seeking strong, yet compassionate defense for your son or daughter, we invite you to contact our firm today to discuss your options.