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  • College Freshman Accused of Sexual Assault on Campus Cleared of Wrongdoing After Judicial Conduct Hearing

    Our client, a freshman at a local college, was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman (also a freshman) just before Thanksgiving, 2015. The alleged victim notified her Resident Advisor and ...

  • Student Granted Rule 29 Dismissal

    High school student was granted a Rule 29 dismissal of an OVI charge and alcohol possession charge from two different cases. Magistrate simultaneously expunged all charges. The juvenile was very ...

  • Charges Not Pressed

    Client, 19, was accused of raping another student who lived in the dorm building. Charges were never brought after Attorney Brad Koffel was able to speak with OSU police detectives. Case was referred ...

  • Charges Not Pressed

    Client, 19, was accused of raping another student who lived in the dorm building. Charges were never brought after Attorney Brad Koffel was able to speak with OSU police detectives. Case was referred ...

  • Exonerated on All Allegations

    Client, 20, accused of raping another student following a rave party on campus. Client took a polygraph exam and passed. Client attended college’s version of Student Conduct hearing and was exonerated ...

  • Charges Not Pressed

    Client, 18, was caught in a restricted location during an “Urban Exploration” outing. Columbus Police, after Attorney Brad Koffel contacted them, decided not to press charges, but did refer the case ...

  • No Charges for Assault

    An OSU football player was falsely accused of assaulting a woman in his dorm room. Mr. Koffel’s team investigated the case and interviewed the player and other witnesses. After 3 weeks, the case was ...

  • Charge Dismissed

    Mr. Koffel’s client was indicted for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity for purchasing stolen items from a theft ring. The case lasted nearly 2 years. The client, 38 years old, married with 3 ...

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ADD / ADHD & Teen Use

For young adults with ADD or ADHD, medications may be given by a physician or pediatrician to help with their hyperactive behavior. When taken off medications, they often turn to drugs or alcohol to get the same feeling they once had on medication.

About ADD/ADHD & Teen Use [+]


affluence and teen use

Over the years, the availability of drugs and alcohol, especially in affluent communities, has been considered to be "chronic." Even for a first time underage drug or alcohol offender, the consequences can last a long time. It's important to reverse these habits young.

About Affluence & Teen Use [+]


alcohol & teens

These days, alcohol is readily available for teens all throughout the state of Ohio. While strict laws regulate the legal drinking age, many underage teenagers choose to consume alcohol or drugs for a variety of reasons, all of which have serious consequences.

About Alcohol & Teens [+]


marijuana and teens

As a very controversial topic today, the use of marijuana for any purpose is strictly banned by the federal government, making it a serious offense for any person to use, sell, give away or traffic marijuana. Used by many teens in Ohio, law enforcement has been cracking down.

About Marijuana & Teens [+]

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If your son or daughter has become involved with the law, it is crucial that they get the legal counsel that can help them from a juvenile defense lawyer, and with the assistance of the parents, guide them through the legal process and hopefully avoid a criminal record. Each case has specific circumstances and details, and must be fully analyzed by the attorney in order to provide you with the strategy that will be used to protect your child.

With guidance and legal counsel from Koffel Law Firm, every effort will be made to help the young person avoid the same mistake in the future, and to assist in seeking alternative sentencing in some cases, plea bargains in others, and in any possible case, a dismissal of the charges, based on the circumstances of the case. You can rest assured that the attorney cares and will make the case a priority.

Contact a Columbus criminal defense attorney from The Koffel Law Firm for skilled legal representation for adolescents and emerging adults charged with criminal charges, either felony or misdemeanor.