• I sincerely appreciate all you did for my son.

  • With so much at stake, I would not even consider another attorney.

  • You have treated us with kindness and dignity when others would not.

  • Charges Dropped

    Client, a veteran DUI police officer, has his charges dropped due to insufficient evidence.

  • 2nd Offense DUI/OVI Acquitted

    Client acquitted of 2nd offense DUI / OVI. Represented by Attorney Steve Fox

  • OSU Student Pleads Minor Misdemeanor

    OSU Student, charged with OVI, pleads to a minor misdemeanor and pays only a $75 fine.

  • Charges Dismissed

    Client, a 25 year-old contractor, has OVI dismissed and license suspension was terminated.

  • Client Pleads to Reduced Charge

    Client pleads to reduced charge of physical control, a non-moving violation.

  • OVI Amended/License Suspension was Terminated

    Client was charged with OVI, OVI was amended to a Physical Control, a no point, non-moving violation and license suspension was terminated.

  • OVI Judgment Reversed

    Client's judgment of consecutive prison terms for aggravated vehicular assault and vehicular assault reversed because trial court erred in sentencing.

  • Case Dismissed

    Client pulled over for crossing over the center line on his way home from a bar, our client was able to get driving privileges so he could continue working. After three months of representation, our ...

  • Charges Dismissed

    Client pulled over for a marked lanes violation, attorney Tod Brininger was able to get the OVI case dismissed and the license suspension terminated.

  • Charge Reduced

    Client charged with OVI, our client pled to reckless operation of a motor vehicle, a minor misdemeanor.

  • Charges Dropped

    Out of State Entrepreneur escapes OVI conviction--our client, a 45 year old business owner was charged with Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI. This is the 1st Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI charge for our client. He submitted to ...

  • Avoided Mandatory Jail Time

    Our client, a 33 year old sales representative, was charged with Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI after being stopped for swerving and speeding. This was the 2 nd Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI charge for our client. He was ...

  • Charge Dismissed

    One Ohio DUI client entered a plea to DUI in exchange for a dismissal of his marijuana possession case.

  • Charge Reduced

    Our client, 28 year old man, charged with his 3rd Ohio DUI. Sentenced to 3 days in jail, 3 day alcohol program, and a 1 year license suspension.

  • All Charges Dropped

    College Student Athlete Pleas to a Non-Moving, No Points Violation--our client, a 19 year old collegiate athlete, was charged with Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI after a mark lane violation. This is the 1st Ohio ...

  • Avoids Jail Time & Yellow Plates

    Our client is a 34 year old father of two who works as a self employed contractor. Our client had 2 previous OVI convictions within 6 years when he was arrested for this offense. Our client was ...

  • Avoids Conviction

    Our client is a 31 year old IT specialist with Nationwide. He was pulled over for speeding and charged with Ohio DUI/Ohio OVI. Because our client had previously refused a breath test he was subject to ...

  • Avoids Conviction

    Our client, a 24 year old OSU student and assistant scientist was pulled over by the Grandview Heights PD for slow speed and for not having a functioning license plate light. Our client refused to ...

  • Not Guilty Verdict

    Our client was charged with his 2nd DUI / OVI in as many years. The case proceeded to trial after the client rejected a plea bargain. The client was acquitted in 45 minutes.

  • Charges Dropped

    Student, Pleas Reckless Operation,--our client, a 19 year old student, was charged with Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI after being stopped for driving through a stop sign. This is the 1st Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI charge ...

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