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For 10 years in a row, Koffel Brininger Nesbitt has been voted one of the "Best Law Firms in America" in the practice area of DUI / OVI defense by U.S. News. We are one of only three law firms in Ohio that has received this designation. Our law firm represents individuals throughout the state of Ohio, including the residents of Dublin. If you were arrested for operating under the influence (OVI) or another offense, contact our defense attorneys today!

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Examples of KBN’s Past Victories

At KBN, we have helped countless people throughout the Dublin area fight back against their charges.Best Lawyers in America - Brad Koffel

Read below if you would like to see examples of some of our past victories:

  • 57-Year-Old Avoids Second Conviction
    Our client was a 57-year-old man from Dublin, OH who was the executive of a local privately-held company. He was stopped and arrested after testing 17% over Ohio’s legal limit for blood alcohol content. Attorney Brad Koffel was successful in getting the man’s license reinstated at the first court date; over the next six months, Mr. Koffel worked to negotiate the charge down to a reckless operation and a $125 fine. The client was placed on a 1 year basic non-reporting probation.

  • Mom from Dublin Avoids Jail Time
    Attorney Brad Koffel represented a 40-year-old mother and manicurist who had been charged with OVI / DUI after being stopped for alleged erratic driving. This was our client’s second charge; her first had been in 1998. Due to unsteady balance and alleged intoxication, our client did not perform the standard field sobriety tests and refused to submit to a breath test. As this was the second time that she had refused a breath test, she was facing a mandatory minimum of 20 days in jail. We represented her over a three month period, during which she pled to an amended charge, stipulated as a first offense. She was not required to serve any jail time.

  • Mandatory 60 Days in Jail Reduced to No Jail
    Our client, a resident of Dublin and a business entrepreneur, was charged with OVI / DUI after allegedly driving outside of the marked lanes. This was our client’s third charge; he was thus facing a mandatory minimum of 60 days in jail, as well as restricted yellow plates and possible vehicle forfeiture. Our client was also accused of failing the field sobriety tests and refusing the breath test. After Attorney Brad Koffel represented him for one month, our client’s OVI was stipulated as a first offense.

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If you were arrested for a traffic violation, DUI, or misdemeanor in the city of Dublin, your case will be handled in Dublin Mayor's Court unless it meets an exception or the jurisdiction is changed to Franklin County Municipal Court. KBN is located in close proximity to both, making it convenient to represent our Dublin clients.

Directions from Koffel Brininger Nesbitt to Dublin Mayor's Court

Directions from Koffel Brininger Nesbitt to Franklin County Municipal Court

KBN is familiar with the prosecutor's in Dublin and other court personnel. If you are facing OVI / DUI charges, contact our firm. Our criminal attorneys have gained a reputation for effective advocacy. We truly care about our clients and keep their best interests in mind throughout the duration of the case. We believe in alternative sentencing and handling cases in specialty courts when appropriate. We believe in second chances, and we believe in protecting your constitutional rights.

What You Should Know Before Going to Court in Dublin, OH

Before you attend your court hearing in Dublin, prepare yourself by getting familiar with court procedures. When you attend a hearing at the mayor's court in Dublin, the prosecutor for the city of Dublin's job is to convince the court that you are guilty of the charge(s) against you. In Dublin Mayor's Court, there is no jury. It is extremely important that you show up on time (we recommend showing up early) because failure to appear can result in additional expenses. The judge might even issue a warrant against you. Once you check in, you will wait at the courthouse until you are notified that it is time for the judge to hear your case. At this point, the trial begins.

Answers to Common Questions About Dublin Court Proceedings

  • Do I have to have an attorney with me at my hearing?
    While it is not required to have an attorney present with you at your Dublin Mayor's Court hearing, we strongly recommend that you do so. KBN frequently handles cases in this jurisdiction, so contact us if you would like to discuss your case.

  • Am I allowed to have witnesses?
    You are allowed to bring witnesses to testify for you in court. If for any reason your desired witness will not come to court, you can ask the court to issue a subpoena.

  • Is there any way for me to know what information the City of Dublin has for my case?
    Before the court date, defendants can make a discovery request with the court to obtain information that the city might have in regards to your case.

  • What is the arraignment hearing?
    This is the first hearing you will attend. It is where you will be "arraigned" which is a formal reading of the charge or charges against you. At the arraignment hearing, you will enter a plea: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Pleading not guilty propels your case to trial, set for a later date.

For more information on Dublin Mayor's Court procedures, read our
comprehensive guide to surviving a DUI hearing in Dublin Mayor's Court.

Attorney Brad Koffel

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Dublin Mayor's Court only handles misdemeanors and other minor offenses. The penalties for misdemeanors range from a maximum fine of $150 and no imprisonment for a minor misdemeanor to a maximum fine of $1,000 and 6 months' imprisonment for first degree misdemeanors. If you are facing charges, get in touch with a Dublin OVI defense lawyer at KBN as soon as you possibly can. We bring passion, experience, and skill to the table, and our criminal defense law firm is ready to defend you.

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