Columbus Stock Broker Misconduct Attorney

Defense Firm for Stock Broker Misconduct Cases in Ohio

Many types of illegal and fraudulent activity can be classified as stock broker misconduct. If you have been accused of any type of wrongdoing as a stock broker in the state of Ohio, you should not hesitate to avail yourself of a skilled Columbus criminal defense attorney. Your career and livelihood as well as your reputation, freedom, and future may be at stake. At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, a Columbus Ohio stock broker misconduct lawyer can defend you against any state criminal charges involving unethical behavior, mismanagement, or improper activity.

Our firm is a well-known and well-regarded criminal defense firm with a long and successful track record of results. We are well-versed in all aspects of state statutes and regulations connected with securities law and are familiar with the state court systems which deal with such cases.

As Ohio Super Lawyers® and named in "Best Lawyers in America," we have demonstrated that we have the extensive knowledge, legal skills, and dedication which can make a difference in any case we take on. We know that your future depends on the work that we do today and that is why we commit ourselves 100 percent to your defense.

Types of Stock Broker Misconduct

Misconduct as a stock broker can consist of providing false or fraudulent information about an investment, excessive buying and selling of securities to generate commissions, failing to provide important information about an investment (omissions), making recommendations to investors that are unsuitable to their financial needs and goals, front running (buying or selling for their own accounts before completing orders previously submitted by their clients), stealing money from clients' accounts, unauthorized trading, failing to protect profits, failing to following client instructions, engaging in fraudulent asset transfers, and more. When faced with any type of misconduct allegation, it is crucial that you act swiftly. By discussing your situation with a Columbus stock broker misconduct attorney at our firm, you can get the invaluable legal advice and potential representation you need.

Contact a Columbus stock broker misconduct lawyer at our firm if you have been accused of any type of improper or illegal professional behavior as a stock broker today.