Columbus Mortgage Fraud Attorney

Brief Overview About Mortgage Fraud

Many different types of schemes can comprise mortgage fraud, including false or inflated appraisals, false loan applications, fraudulent supporting documentation, straw buyers, fictitious identities, kickbacks, and more. Every case is unique and will have its own set of particular circumstances which will need to be investigated by one of our attorneys before we can advise you on how best to proceed and what type of defense strategy can be used. At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we will always fight for your legal rights and work zealously to advance your best interests throughout every stage of the criminal legal process. The sooner you contact us and get an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your corner, the more options we may have in defending you.

Mortgage Fraud Lawyer for Clients Throughout Ohio

Mortgage fraud has become increasingly prevalent in the news in the wake of the real estate market deterioration and huge number of national foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies. This type of fraud generally consists of misrepresentation, misstatements or omissions concerning the property or the borrower seeking a mortgage which are submitted to lenders. Mortgage fraud may also be committed by personnel in lending institutions who supply fraudulent information or tamper with documentation from borrowers in order to ensure that their applications succeed.

Mortgage fraud in Ohio is a serious crime which requires the dedicated and skilled legal attention of an Ohio criminal defense attorney. At KBN, our distinguished legal team has the knowledge and experience to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf if you are facing state criminal charges or if you are being criminally investigated for mortgage fraud by a state law enforcement agency. We urge you to contact a Columbus mortgage fraud lawyer at our offices immediately so that we can take action on your behalf to protect your legal rights and begin building an effective defense.

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