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Types of Theft

The firm provides skilled legal representation for any of the following types of criminal theft and fraud cases in Ohio:

Investment Fraud
Facing criminal charges of investment fraud is difficult, and will require the intervention of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Investment fraud is the act of scamming or misrepresenting with hopes of personal financial gain, such as in a Ponzi scheme.

Mortgage Fraud
A person can unknowingly be accused of mortgage fraud in a variety of ways, especially if your actions make it appear as if you are concealing documents or funds, falsifying loan applications or providing a false identity. Call the Koffel Law Firm without delay if you have been accused of mortgage fraud by a federal agency or a mortgage company.

Stock Broker Misconduct
As a stock broker, you will have certain responsibilities to ensure that you are responsibly handling the money of your clients. You will be helping these individuals and families to wisely put their funds into appropriate stocks. However if you have been accused of using this money for personal gain, you will be facing serious criminal charges.

Workers' Comp Fraud
As an employee filing for workers' comp or an employer providing workers' compensation for your employees, you are expected to file certain documents and to provide true information. If you have been accused of falsifying information for personal gain or monetary achievement, you might be charged.


Credit Card Fraud - Is a form of identity theft in which an individual or organization will use another's credit card information to make personal purchases or for personal gain.

Embezzlement - Is a white collar crime in which an individual unlawfully gathered information to obtain money illegally for his or her own benefit.

Forgery - Is a form of theft. This offense should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Fraud - Involves the stealing or concealing of an identity for personal gain. It can include misrepresentation or trickery to steal property or money.

Contacting a Columbus Theft Defense Attorney

If you are under investigation for any serious theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud, act quickly. Typically, detectives work quietly and quietly to build a case against an accused. You are likely to be arrested within a short period of time, and you need to have legal representation from an experienced and skilled Columbus theft crime lawyer before answering any questions in the investigation. At Koffel Law Firm, the attorney will fight for your rights and protect you from the pitfalls that can occur when you answer questions without representation. The speed with which you get a defense lawyer from Koffel Law Firm is vital. Act fast and protect yourself.

Contact a Columbus theft crime defense attorney from Koffel Law Firm (614) 675-4845.