Rick Mahan

Email: rick@koffellaw.com

Criminal Case Manager, Rick Mahan, joined Koffel Brininger Nesbitt in 2012, after working, for many years, as Lead Investigator at a private investigations firm in Columbus.

His investigative background includes wrongful death, domestic issues, workplace theft, and of course, criminal defense, first working with Mr. Koffel on a 2007 Negligent Homicide case.

As Criminal Case Manager, Rick helps ensure the criminal defense team operates at a high level. The team consists of Mr. Koffel, Mr. Nesbitt, Diane Hack Davis (Treatment Coordinator) and Rick.

While each team member plays their own roles, Rick makes sure case paperwork gets filed in a timely manner, aids in the production of case filings, collects Discovery materials and makes sure clients always have an open activity with the attorneys.

As main point of contact for the team’s clients, Rick is available to our clients during days, nights, weekends, holidays.