Charged with Voyeurism?

Columbus Voyeurism Defense Lawyer

Voyeurism charges are very embarrassing and can destroy your professional or personal reputation. They are usually charged as a misdemeanor, but in cases in which photos, videotape or other media is used to record a minor for voyeuristic or sexual gratification purposes, the charge become a felony offense. Any voyeurism charge is serious and requires a strong Columbus voyeurism defense lawyer at once. Fighting for your reputation is an important matter; ensure that you select an attorney that is experienced in such charges.

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Voyeurism Defense Attorney in Columbus

At KBN, the legal team has over 21 years of experience in defending all types of serious criminal charges, including sex crimes such as voyeurism. The criminal defense team at the firm understands how important the case is to you future, and will immediately initiate actions for the defense of clients who have been charged with this offense. Each case has its own individual circumstances and evidence and must be fully analyzed by the defense attorney to determine how to proceed with the defense.

Some cases of voyeurism, even though the charge is a misdemeanor, include up to six months in jail as part of the punishment. The danger of such a charge should not be underestimated; you need an attorney and you need one immediately. At KBN, the legal team at the firm will seek out any possible flaws in the case against you, including police procedure, how the evidence was obtained, and any other factor that could lead to possible court challenges to suppress the evidence. However, this must be done quickly. The first action you should take after an arrest or investigation in process regarding voyeurism is to contact the firm so they can get to work on your defense.