Ohio Sex Offender Registration Tiers


  • 2907.04 Unlawful Sexual Conduct less than four years or no consent
  • 2907.05 (A)(1), (2), (3) or (5) Gross Sexual Imposition
  • 2907.06 Sexual Imposition
  • 2907.07 Importuning
  • 2907.08 Voyeurism
  • 2907.09(B)(4) Public Indecency In Front Of A Minor/Discretion Of Court less than 10 years or older no priors
  • 2907.22 Promoting Prostitution
  • 2907.32 Pandering Obscenity
  • 2907.323(A)(3) or (4) Illegal Use of Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material
  • 2903.211(A)(3) Menacing by Stalking
  • 2905.01(A)(1), (2), (3) or (5) Kidnapping (Child-victim oriented offense)
  • 2905.02(A) Abduction (Childvictim oriented offense)
  • 2905.03(A) or (B) Unlawful Restraint (Child-victim oriented offense)
  • 2905.05 Child Enticement (A) with Sexual Motivation; or (B) (Child-victim oriented offense)
  • Delinquent Child classified Tier I pursuant to 2152.831

All offenses also include attempt, conspiracy or complicity to commit listed offense. Child-victim offender not in Tier II or III.


  • 2907.21 Compelling Prostitution
  • 2907.321 Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor
  • 2907.322 Pandering Sexually Oriented Material Involving a Minor
  • 2907.323 (A)(1) and (2) Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity-oriented Material or Performance
  • 2907.04 Unlawful Sexual Conduct
  • 2907.05(A)(4) Gross Sexual Imposition victim under 13
  • 2919.22(B)(5) Child Endangering
  • 2907.24(A)(3) Soliciting After Positive HIV Test
  • 2905.01(A)(1), (2),(3) or (5) Kidnapping with Sexual Motivation
  • 2905.01(B) Kidnapping victim age 18 or older
  • 2905.02(B) Abduction
  • 2905.32 Human Trafficking if (A)11)
  • Delinquent Child classified Tier II pursuant to 2152.831

Any sexual offense that occurs after the offender has been classified as a Tier I offender. All offenses also include attempt, conspiracy or complicity to commit listed offense.


  • 2907.02 Rape
  • 2907.03 Sexual Battery
  • 2907.05(B) Gross Sexual Imposition victim under the age of 12 with intent to abuse or harm
  • 2903.01 Aggravated Murder with Sexual Motivation
  • 2903.02 Murder with Sexual Motivation
  • 2903.03(B) Voluntary Manslaughter with Sexual Motivation
  • 2903.04(A) Unlawful Death or Termination of Pregnancy as a result of committing a felony with sexual motivation
  • 2903.11 Felonious Assault with Sexual Motivation
  • 2905.01(A)(4) Kidnapping victim under age 18
  • 2905.01(B) Kidnapping victim under18 not a parent
  • Delinquent Child classified Tier III pursuant to 2152.831 or public registry qualified juvenile

Sexually violent predator classification 2971.03

Delinquent child for Tier III equivalent in another jurisdiction

Any sexual offense or child-victim oriented offense occurring after an offender has been classified as a Tier II or Tier III offender

All offenses also include attempt, conspiracy or complicity to commit listed offense.

Violations of former laws of this state, any existing or former municipal ordinance or law of another state, military court, Indian tribe, or U.S. that is substantially equivalent to any of the listed offenses included in the equivalent tier.

Created by the Special Prosecutions Section of the Ohio Attorney General's Office Revised 2/11/2019