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Ohio RC 2907.07: Importuning Defense Attorney

In the state of Ohio, importuning is a criminal offense that involves a person who tries to engage a minor in sexual activity. Sometimes referred to as solicitation of a minor, importuning encompasses various soliciting acts and conduct and is a very serious charge that puts considerable prison time on the table.

As a sex crime, importuning is no charge to take lightly – it can and often does result in life-altering penalties and repercussions to one’s civil rights, reputation, and future. If you have been made aware of a pending investigation, have been ensnared in a law enforcement sting operation or entrapment, or have been formally charged in Franklin County or any of the surrounding areas of Ohio, working with an experienced defense attorney is in your best interests.

Attorney Brad Koffel has more than 25 years of experience representing clients accused of serious crimes, including importuning. Attorney Koffel and our team at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt understand the gravity of these allegations, and the immense risks they pose to clients’ freedoms and futures.

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Importing Charges in Ohio

  • Under Ohio Revised Code § 2907.07 (A), it is a crime to solicit any person between 13 and 15 for sexual activity – regardless of whether the offender knows the person’s age.
  • Under 2907.07(B)(1) also makes it a crime for a person 18 or older, and 4 or more years older than the other person (who is 13-15 years old) to solicit that person for sexual activity, whether the offender knows their age of not. 2907.07(B)(2) prohibits solicitation by an 18 or older person who is 4 or more years older than the a person who is 16 or 17 to solicit that person for sexual activity (as violation of RC 2905.32).
  • 2907.07(C) prohibits solicitation by means of a telecommunications device (defined under RC 2013.01) for sexual activity when the offender is 18 or older and (1) the other person Is under 13 and the offender knows their age or had reckless disregard about their age; or (2) the person is a law enforcement officer posing as someone under 13, and the offender believes that person is under 13 or is reckless in that regard (i.e. sting operations).
  • 2907.07(D) prohibits solicitation by means of a telecommunications device (per RC 2913.01) for sexual activity when the offender is 18 or older and (1) the other person is 13-15 years of age and the offender knew of their age, was reckless in regard to their age, and the offender is 4 or more years older; or (2) the other person is law enforcement, with all other factors the same.

All offenses are a crime of importuning, and Ohio stipulates what charges will be based on the age / conduct involved:

  • 2907.07(A) or 2907.07(C) is a 3rd degree felony for a first offense, or a 2nd degree felony if the offender has a conviction for a another child-oriented sex offense;
  • 2907.07(B) or 2907.07(D) is a 5th degree felony for a first offense, or a 4th degree felony if the offender has a conviction for another child-oriented sex offense.

Law Enforcement, Stings & Penalties

Sex crimes involving minors are high-profile, high-priority offenses for both law enforcement and the community, which means police and prosecutors face great pressure to arrest and convict suspects. Unfortunately, their overzealousness in doing so can mean some individuals are unfairly or wrongfully accused, or have their Constitutional rights violated during a sex crime investigation or sting operation.

In addition to aggressive efforts on the part of the government, suspects also face what can be profound and life-altering penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, criminal records, and mandatory sex offender registration – all of which have great potential for damaging reputations and futures.

What’s more, penalties may increase (including longer terms of incarceration) when aggravating factors are present in a case, such as:

Given law enforcement’s prioritization of these offenses, the zealousness with which they investigate and prosecute, the harsh social stigmas at play, and the very serious penalties at stake – any importuning or sex crime allegation demands immediate attention from an experienced defense attorney.

These cases usually have evidence-based upon copies of communications transmitted through online chats or text messages. As such, it is vital to perform a full review of the case, law enforcement procedures, and all evidence obtained as soon as possible to determine an appropriate defense strategy. There are cases where communications are misinterpreted, individuals lie about age, or suspects are victims of entrapment – but your defense is dependent upon the unique facts involved.

Defense Against Importuning in Franklin County & Beyond

KBN leverages decades of experience and the insight of award-winning Defense Attorney Brad Koffel to protect our clients’ names, reputations, rights, and futures when they are under investigation or have been charged with serious crimes like importuning.

We are aware law enforcement in Franklin County and the state of Ohio has made this and other similar offenses a top enforcement priority – and are committed to helping suspects and defendants ensure the government did not overstep its bounds in investigation, conducting stings, and arresting clients.

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