Charged with Importuning in Columbus?

Columbus Importuning Defense Attorney

Importuning is the charge filed when individuals have tried to get a young person to engage in sexual activity of some type when they are underage. The age difference between the victim and the accused are important in these charges. When the internet or other telecommunications device is used to engage younger people in sexual activity this is also usually the charge filed. These are serious felony charges and the penalties include prison time in the state of Ohio. If you have been arrested and charged with importuning, you need immediate legal help from a Columbus importuning defense lawyer.

Importuning Defense Lawyer in Columbus

These cases usually have evidence that is based upon copies of communications transmitted through online chats or text messages.

At The Koffel Law Firm, the legal team has determined that there are several defense options that can exist in these cases, depending upon the evidence the prosecutor is using for the case.

It is vital that a full review of the case and evidence against you is done at once in order to determine how to proceed with the defense. As each case is individual, it must be approached with a fresh view in order to come up with a strategy. The legal team at the firm stands ready to initiate defense actions on your behalf.

It is critical that you get an attorney at once if you are being investigated for this crime, or have been arrested and charged. Never answer any questions until you legal counsel arrives to advise you. There are many cases in which it was later determined that the evidence had been gathered illegally and could not be used in the case, but the individual charged had made statements that were used to convict. It cannot be underestimated how important it is that you act quickly and get an attorney from The Koffel Law Firm quickly to work on your case.

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