Computer-Related Sex Offenses

Pandering, Disseminating Harmful Material, Online Solicitation & More

The recent upswing in internet usage has opened up new avenues for criminal activity, one of them being computer-related sex offenses. With the uptick in computer and online sex offenses has come the implementation of special task forces committed solely to finding and prosecuting individuals who participate in this illegal activity.

Shows like "To Catch a Predator" have brought these types of scenarios to the public eye, and perhaps made the world more suspicious of online activity as a whole. What once appeared as innocuous is now a frequent backdrop for illegal sex offenses.

Consider the following scenarios –

  • A man is chatting online with a girl who he believes is 21, but in reality is 16
  • Someone opens and downloads material depicting sexually explicit material, but what the downloader does not know is that one of the individuals is underage

Use of the internet to view, exchange, or download information can put people in risky situations. If you were arrested or accused of a computer-related sex offense similar to those listed above, we encourage you to seek representation by calling a Columbus sex crime lawyer at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt.

Penalties for Computer Sex Crimes in Ohio

Computer sex crimes, including owning pornography or child pornography, can have lifelong consequences for a person who is merely accused of this type of criminal activity. From losing your job to facing prison time, you will face a life full of negative repercussions when accused of this type of offense.

Under Ohio law, we primarily see Importuning, Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles, Pandering, and Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material or Performance (R.C. 2907.07 and 2907.31-2907.323)

Sex Offender Registration for Computer Crimes

There are different types and degrees of computer and internet related sex offenses. Below shows the tier associated with different types of sex offenses –

  • Pandering obscenity – Tier 1 sex offense
  • Pandering obscenity involving a minor – Tier 2 offense
  • Pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor - Tier 2 offense

To learn more about the registration requirements you could face, contact a Columbus criminal lawyer at our firm.

Franklin County's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

Franklin County has a task force specifically dedicated to investigating potential computer-related sex crimes, particularly the online exploitation of children. The task force is called "ICAC" or "Internet Crimes Against Children." Since 2009, ICAC has tasked investigators, in conjunction with other local/municipal police and sheriff's departments, with finding and prosecuting online offenders. They take a proactive approach to computer sex crimes.

In 2013, the ICAC –

  • Received just 59 complaints but completed more than 1,000 forensic examinations
  • Executed 133 search warrants
  • Made 104 arrests

If you are being investigated by ICAC or were recently arrested after this type of criminal investigation, lose no time in contacting KBN.


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