Rick Mahan

Email: rick@koffellaw.com

Criminal Investigator, Rick Mahan, joined Koffel Brininger Nesbitt in 2012, after working, for many years, as Lead Investigator at a private investigations firm in Columbus.

His investigative background includes wrongful death, domestic issues, workplace theft, and of course, criminal defense, first working with Mr. Koffel on a 2007 Negligent Homicide case.

Rick works with Mr. Koffel on of all his cases and also helps the other attorneys in the firm should they encounter any investigative needs. Rick retrieves and reviews police reports and discovery materials, conducts witness/victim interviews, contacts members of law enforcement to obtain case information, and assists our attorneys as they try to find a fair and reasonable resolution to our cases.

For our felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, Rick acts as the main point of contact for our clients. Should a client call while an attorney is in court or after our business hours, Rick is able to act as a liaison and pass information along to help answer our clients' questions or address any concerns he/she may have.