Court Address

6565 Commerce Pkwy Dublin, OH 43017

Dublin Mayor's Court Attorney

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If you were issued a traffic citation, charged with a minor misdemeanor, or a violation of a city ordinance, your case will likely be handled in mayor's court. Koffel Brininger Nesbitt is proud to represent clients in the mayor's court of Dublin.

If Your Case Is Transferred from Mayor's Court to Municipal Court

If your case was originally set to be heard in Dublin mayor's court but it ends up being transferred to municipal court, KBN can still represent you. Cases are transferred in some circumstances at the Mayor's discretion. For more information on the mayor's court in the city of Dublin, visit

When do I need to
appear in court?

The Dublin mayor's court operates on a consistent schedule, making it easy to find out when you will be arraigned. You would have court Monday am or Friday am only if you are in jail. Dublin cases are always on Tuesday afternoons except for holidays. Court start at 3:30pm for hearings on administrative license suspensions (OVI) and the regular case docket starts after those.

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