Columbus Title IX Defense Attorney

Providing An Aggressive Defense Against Title IX Accusations

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that aims to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools. Title IX applies to the following types of institutions:

  • Public and private elementary schools
  • Public and private secondary schools
  • Public and private school districts
  • Public and private colleges & universities
  • Any other educational institution that receives federal funds

Koffel Brininger Nesbitt provides defense representation to individuals facing Title IX allegations. If you have been accused of sexual harassment or sexual violence in a school, contact our firm today at (614) 675-4845 to schedule a consultation with an experienced title IX defense lawyer in Columbus.

Attorney Brad Koffel recently represented an Ohio University football player during a Title IX investigation of campus sexual assault. He was acquitted of all charges.

What Does Title IX Require Schools To Do?

The biggest responsibility a school has is to respond promptly and effectively as soon as possible after hearing of an alleged Title IX violation. Educational institutions can be implicated in Title IX violations if they allegedly failed to respond by taking action to stop the Title IX violation and prevent future violations of that nature.

Specifically, what action must a school take?

  • Conduct investigations and enact disciplinary measures even if the supposed victim does not request action to be taken;
  • Conduct investigations and enact disciplinary measures even if law enforcement has already begun a criminal investigation into the matter;
  • Enact, publicize, and enforce an anti-sexual harassment and violence policy;
  • Appoint a Title IX Coordinator. This employee is someone who all Title IX violations and alleged violations will be handled by; and
  • Have a program for students to easily submit complaints.

Who Does Title IX Apply To?

Title IX not only applies to students and athletes but also applies to individuals who participate in off-campus school programs. If the activity is held or sponsored by a school, Title IX likely applies.

What is Preponderance of the Evidence?

Title IX allegations require that schools abide by the "preponderance of the evidence" standard. Essentially, this means that schools are to treat Title IX allegations like they probably happened rather than only considering that they happened if evidence suggests that it happened "beyond a reasonable doubt." All Title IX allegations are taken seriously and investigated, even false allegations.

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