Cocaine & Teens

By: Bradley P. Koffel, Koffel Brininger Nesbitt

Cocaine use with teens is a very serious situation that requires immediate intervention at the first hint of its use. Just as the maxim, "if you think you have mice you probably do", the same is said of suspicion of a son or daughter's cocaine use. If you suspect it, you are probably correct in your suspicion.

Cocaine is normally snorted in its powder form and absorbed into the brain amazingly fast (3-5 minutes). The immediate pleasure experienced by the user is increased confidence, euphoric rush, boundless energy (due to an adrenaline boost), and a diminishing of life's problems. The drug is quickly metabolized by the body (within 60 minutes) so the effects are short-lived.

In Ohio, even the smallest amount of cocaine is a felony. We see cocaine possession cases when clients use while drunk or high on other drugs.

They get careless and impaired decisions lead to reckless and/or illegal activities. The classic example is the client who gets arrested for something else (DUI, public indecency, disorderly conduct) and gets caught with a small amount of cocaine in a container in their pockets or in their vehicle.

Our firm will almost always refer the client to a licensed drug and alcohol counselor for a full assessment. If our client has been in treatment or counseling in the past, we will request the complete treatment records to review. We can then refer our clients to outpatient, inpatient, or even long term residential care.

Many felony drug cases (like cocaine) can be worked out favorably if a client does not have a substantial criminal history and demonstrates a willingness to get clean. Due to the highly addictive nature of cocaine and the fact many cocaine users will crave "tar" or heroin, quick medical-legal intervention is needed.