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"Alcohol and Other Drugs in the suburbs of Central Ohio have been taken to a new level with the internet, text messaging, and cell phones. Life is faster, much faster, today than it was just 20 years ago. This is certainly true with teens, alcohol, and drug experimentation."

--- Brad Koffel, Criminal Attorney

The statement above can be a scary one. But it's real and no one knows that better than Brad Koffel. As an attorney working on drug and alcohol cases everyday he sees the reality first hand; the kids who are in deep trouble and the parents who never suspected a thing. That's where a frank conversation can make a difference.

Brad is listed in the very exclusive Best Lawyers in America and is named an Ohio Super Lawyer . He represents individuals who are being prosecuted for alcohol and other drug crimes, serious vehicular crimes, white collar offenses, as well as internet computer crime and false sex abuse allegations. He has a part of his professional practice devoted to " Young Adults, Alcohol & Drugs". He is one of the leading voices advocating the need for change in our current alcohol and drug laws. He has extensive expertise in underage abuse of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, and cocaine. And, he has many ideas on how parents, schools, and the community can work together to find both realistic solutions and ways to educate our busy youth.

Brad Koffel welcomes the opportunity to speak on this topic. Schools have brought him in to address their students as well as numerous parent organizations, youth groups, civic organizations, and numerous presentations to lawyers, judges, and law enforcement groups. His presentation is free of charge and it provides a valuable opportunity to explore ways of tackling this dangerous problem.

Not only is Brad a formidable expert, but he is also a dynamic speaker, committed to creating positive change within our local community. Brad's mission is to educate the public about the dangers of underage drinking and the plague of early drug use and what we can do to deal with it. Listening to Brad speak on this topic is a great place to start.

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