Scott Vanderkarr

Scott Vanderkarr
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    Scott VanDerKarr, 58, is a former and retired Judge from the Franklin County Municipal Court. Prior to that he was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office. Scott has been a visionary his whole career. As a young prosecutor he fought for abused children. During those years he spent endless hours after work to educate the public on the cycle of child abuse. Scott continued the protection of victims in society by prosecuting rapes, robberies and murders in Franklin county Common Pleas Court in the early 90s .

    In 1995 Scott VanDerKarr was elected judge and immediately worked to improve the judicial system. First by creating single assignment of cases to make the system fair but also to make defendants accountable. Then Judge VanDerKarr worked tirelessly to start a mental health docket which he then presided over for ten years. In 2009 he started the Franklin County Drug Court and in 2010 he started one of the country’s first Heroin Courts. In 2012 he started Veterans Court.

    Judge VanDerKarr presided over all these dockets while handling a full standard docket. These life experiences, along with his personal life where he has two loved ones that have the "disease of addiction," of which one died in 2015, makes him uniquely qualified to assist and be a leader in the fight against the drug epidemic.