Why Location Shouldn’t Be a Deciding Factor

When hiring a lawyer to represent you, it is a bad idea to hire the first law firm you call or the closest one to your home. Take some time and speak with a number of firms. Ask around. Try to get a referral. Eventually, you will start to hear the same names pop up. Narrow your search to those same names and pick one. Pay the fee, listen to the lawyer's advice, ask questions, stay engaged, and don't be afraid to chime in on your case. It is your life after all.

Bear in mind that the most successful and sought after law firms typically do not offer "free office consultations" with their lawyers for the simple reason that their time has been paid for by their clients and the lawyers are busy working on their client's cases. You need to know that after you hire a lawyer, he or she isn't spending the rest of the day meeting prospects. In fact, none of our lawyers offer free consultations for this important reason.

Whether you are facing a first DUI offense or have been charged with a serious felony, your case will be handled professionally and fast action will be taken to defend you. It is crucial that you get legal representation as soon as possible after an arrest - and prior to any questioning by law enforcement.

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