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Arrested for a meth-related offense?

Methamphetamine and methadone are Schedule II drugs, illegal to possess, sell, traffic, and manufacture in the state of Ohio. If you were related for a meth-related offense, Koffel Brininger Nesbitt wants you to have a second chance. We believe that, for drug offenses, treatment is often a more favorable alternative to incarceration, and that many offenders should have their cases handled in specialty drug courts. To learn more about how KBN can help you, contact us today.

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Possession and Use of Meth

§ 2925.11 of the Ohio Revised Code details the crime of possession of controlled substances. In Ohio, possession of any illegal controlled substance with the exception of marijuana, LSD, heroin, hashish, and controlled substance analogs, is classified as aggravated possession of drugs, which is a felony of the fifth degree. The degree of the felony can change depending on the amount of meth.

  • 3 rd Degree Felony: Amount equals the bulk amount but is less than five times the bulk amount
  • 2 nd Degree Felony: Amount exceeds five times the bulk amount but is less than 50x the bulk amount
  • 1 st Degree Felony: Amount exceeds 50x to 100x the bulk amount

To learn about Ohio's sentencing sanctions, click here.

For a definition of what a "bulk amount" means, visit § 2925.01 of the Ohio Revised Code. The penalties for meth-related offenses only get more severe with A) the greater the amount of drug involved, and B) the nature of the alleged offense. For example, illegal manufacture of meth is a second degree felony, regardless of the amount.

How Koffel Brininger Nesbitt Can Help Fight Your Drug Charge

The Columbus drug crime attorneys at KBN are experienced legal advocates. Our team frequently defends individuals facing drug charges. We do so because we believe in giving these people a second chance. Often, we believe that treatment (not incarceration) is the answer, and when appropriate, we petition for our clients' cases to be handled in specialty dockets (Ohio drug courts).

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KBN is consistently recognized for superior service in the field of criminal defense, including Best Lawyers in America (Brad Koffel, since 2008), Best Law Firms in Columbus by US News, and Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ohio by the NACDA (Brad Koffel, 2014).

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